7 Ways To Tune Up Your Body Language


Body language in a non-verbal cue which lets other people know how you are feeling. By simply slouching rather than standing up straight, many people are going to consider you to be lazy. Body language can be interpreted in a number of ways, and depending on your setting and who you are talking to, it can greatly impact the way in which the individual views you. These are a few simple tips to improve your body language, send out a better message, and show people you are talking or interacting with, that you not only care about what they are saying, but also that you want to engage in conversation with them.

1. Don’t cross your arms

Crossing your arms gives off the impression that you simply do not care, or that you are guarded about something. When you seem guarded, it seems like you are defensive, you have something to hide, or that you simply do not want to open up to a topic or suggestion. The same goes for your legs. When seated, make sure you sit down with your back straight up on the back of the chair, that you use hand gestures to convey messages, and that you sit with your legs straight down. When standing up, keep an open frame, and make a mental know to ensure your arms and legs are never crossed when speaking to other people.

2. Don’t Stare, But eye contact is key

For some conversations minimal eye contact is desired. In a business setting, you want to make sure you look into the other persons eyes, that you focus on what they are saying, and that you show you are content in the topic at hand. There is a fine line between staring, and simply looking into someone’s eyes, to show you are interested in the conversation at hand. It might seem scary or awkward and first, and initially it will be difficult to determine how much (or little), is too much (or little.) This is one you have to feel out, but looking into someone’s eyes is a sign of respect and shows you are interested in interacting with them, so it is something you do have to work on.

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