5 Ways To Improve Your Attitude Towards Everything


It’s a crazy, confused and beautiful world out there and each one of us adds to it in some way or another. It should also be said that the world can be tough and unforgiving. The moment we feel we have a grip on something fate steps in and takes that something away. When we are high on happiness that voice in the back of our heads tell us to chill out a little bit because reality will be kicking in at some point or another, so don’t get too caught up in that smile you have on your face right now. For many of us this is what life is all about; a series of debates with our inner selves and the people around us, while preparing for future downfalls and possible breakthroughs.

Eventually we all reach a place where we stop and realize something has to change. Can life truly be based on a series of cycles that feature mundane highs and devastating lows? Across the globe people are starving and killing each other. Epidemics and illness threaten to take us down with each minute that passes and last month’s rent still needs to be paid, so you can’t even afford to die. When you think about it in this particular way then life is nothing more than a bad reality television show where happiness is meant for the rich and beautiful while the rest of us have to settle for the scraps of sunshine that don’t get absorb by Richard Branson on his beautiful island. How many of us can count the times when we wished we had an island stockpiled with food and cocktails, away from everything and everyone? But this perspective can change by using these 5 ways to improve your attitude towards everything.

1.Document your Problems

If you can train your brain to stop focusing on negative thoughts through a simple exercise, would you do it? If you answered yes then document every time you worry about something. Whatever your worry may be about, take a piece of paper and write it down. Be sure to keep these notes on a single list. Then do yourself a favor and look at that list at the end of the day when you are sitting comfortably. How many of those worries actually affected your life on the long run? Chances are you got through most of them without any problems. Every time you look at that list tell yourself that those worries are worth no more than the paper they are written on. Make an effort to sustain this exercise for at least a month or two and letting it really sink in.

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