5 Signs Facebook is Changing The Way We think And Feel

12993596_mTechnology has significantly changed over the years. This has not only transformed the way we interact with the surroundings but also our way of thinking as well as how we feel. Sometimes, you may find it hard to know (or imagine) how life has changed especially from the recent past but if you stop for a moment and see how different it is from ten or even five years ago, then you will notice the difference.

The social media more than anything else has greatly impacted many peoples’ lives on a day to day basis. Facebook (being one of the mostly used social media tool) has significantly changed our lives in so many ways. From the way we interact with one another (and/or the world around us) to the way we think and feel, facebook plays a very big role. Some of the key areas that facebook has had a great impact include;

  • The manner in which we get news
  • How we meet other people and get in touch (with both old & new friends)
  • What we reveal to other people
  • What we can influence –or who has more influence on various matters
  • How businesses are started and/or advertised

Note that, there is a direct relationship between all these areas and how we think & what we feel. The fact that facebook has brought major changes on these areas is a clear indication that it has generally affected our way of thinking, how we feel and therefore how we live. Below is a brief discussion on the same;

1. Where do we get news

Every time we wake up in the morning, we always want to know what is happening around the globe and in the recent past, we would often check the day’s newspaper, switch on the TV to watch any news or any other traditional mainstream media. Today, the first thing that almost everyone does when he/she wakes up (i.e. before checking the traditional news channels) is to login to facebook and look at the trending stories that have been posted there.

Friends and people we know on facebook are increasingly becoming our trusted sources of information even more than newspapers or even the search engines. Note that with facebook, you can also communicate with the person who wrote the story/news. This way you get more information on the same. The fact that news has become more social than ever is a real indication that facebook has changed our way of thinking.

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