4 Signs You’re Not Honest To Yourself


Every person agrees that being fake in life is a negative thing. No one wants to get in touch with a dishonest or fake person, who just acts all the time. It is important to be true and honest in life to build long lasting relationships. However, most people do not know what makes a genuine person. Many people who have matured in the modern social media age struggle to understand the true meaning of honesty.

These days, young adults spend a lot of time looking for share worthy photos for Instagram. Every person wants to create a summarized snapshot of their events and lives on Facebook. They keep posting descriptions of their days on numerous online dating websites. Though most of these moments are real, they don’t determine a person’s ideal self.

There are many signs that determine your authenticity and honesty in life. When you know more about these signs, you are able to take necessary steps to rectify some personality traits. In this post, we have discussed 4 important signs that determine you’re not honest to yourself in life.

1.You Suffer from Low Self Esteem

According to most psychologists, genuine people have a very good sense of self esteem. Without self esteem, you can never be honest yourself. You are always entangled in a web of emotions, fears and worries. When it comes to self esteem, it is very important to maintain a balance. Too much self esteem is never good as it defines narcissistic range. This can be prideful and arrogant.

Similarly, lack of self esteem is not good. It can create worries, anxiety and other problems. You need to find the middle range. When you are true to yourself, you have solid self esteem. It remains solid, consistent, and never goes brittle. Moreover, people with good self esteem are less defensive about most things in life.

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